Mandatory, because that’s how delicacies are born. We have already made similar balls, but this time without chocolate and with more protein. These amazingly tasting coconut balls will appeal to everyone, especially those who adore the taste of coconut. Anyone who managed to taste it already agreed- no doubt that these coconut balls were much tastier and healthier than Raffaella. ‎The quantities of products are extremely small, because the ‎cottage cheese‎ we had was only a small quantity left in a fridge at that time. And if you like, then next time just double it. ‎Simple 🙂



‎- COCONUT BUTTER – Natural Energy Bars 30g (not oil, we recommend butter), but of course you can try it with oil as well if you wish..
– cottage cheese 70g‎ ‎-
-coconut shavings 50g‎ ‎
– nut flour (Almonds for ex..) 20g‎
‎- protein with flavour 30g 
‎- sweetener or syrup. We used caramel flavour.‎

Method: ‎

Warm up coconut and nut butter in the microwave, add all the products and mix together. Then put in the fridge and wait till the mass stagnates. Form the balls and enjoy these delicious coconut balls. ‎Ingredients can be changed. The most important basis – coconut and nut butter. They stick everything together. ‎For us, as the biggest coconut fans, it’s a fairy tale. ‎‎
We also include such delicacies in our diet plans, eating delicious and get slim with Natural Energy Bars – 100% Natural, healthy, nourishing snacks is much easier! 😉

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