Cheese Cake Recipe

Cheese Cake Recipe

We want to share a very tasty jelly cheesecake recipe! 🍰
It’s made really simple, and you get a delicious and healthy dessert! πŸ’š Instead of normal butter we used COCONUT BUTTER – Natural Energy Bars and MACADAMIA NUTS BUTTER, 180G – Natural Energy Bars!
πŸ“ƒ Ingredients:<br>
Biscuits 150g, <br>
Coconut butter 200g,<br>
Macadamia butter 50g,<br>
Mascarpone cheese 250g,<br>
Sour cream 250g,<br>
Berries jelly,<br>
Your choice of Freeze-Dried Archives – Natural Energy Bars<br>
If the recipe is successful, we will be happy to share photos of your wonderful dessert! πŸ’š RECEPIS- if you load one and let me know how we will do the rest, have the images as well

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