super garden produktai

Have you already tasted delicacies that only NASA astronauts used to feed?‎

super garden produktai

Juicy carrot or a handful of berries cooked in a cube, where all the nutrients, dried kefir or even meat products are preserved… Such unexpected products are created by the company. Delicious, healthy, innovative delicacies can be tested by all those who want to, because the most popular Super Garden products.

Starting with several products, approaching much more..‎

‎Natural energy bars, which imports cold dried (otherwise lyophilized) goods under the Super Garden sign, is still very young – founded in 2018, when Tautvydas Stukas, the founder and manager of the company, decided to change the direction of his career at that time. It is interesting that until then there had already been attempts to lyophilize various products, but in very small quantities, more from the “scientific interest”, says the interlocutor. It can be said that precisely because T.Stukas became interested in this very modern method of preservation and was not afraid to take risks, now anyone – an ordinary buyer or a professional chef – can enjoy all sorts of goodies lyophilized and delivered in Ireland and experiment with them in the kitchen. According to the interlocutor, the company started with 6 products, and now counts in many of them, but this is not the end, because experimentation, news creation has become a kind of engine of the company. T Stukas tells that in the two years since 2018 the company has grown a lot, expanded and modernized the company’s distribution located in Dublin.‎

‎Astronauts turned food into a daily product ‎

‎From what products did the history of the company begin? It turns out that from the berries that we all know perfectly – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, which were first and foremost lyophilized. The head of NE bars smiles, recalling that he became interested in cold-dried berries when his children first ate these goodies from the breakfast poring stock they bought. Then he began to search where to buy them, then what is the technology of drying in the cold, how difficult it is, who is doing it. It turned out that there is still room for space in this business niche.‎‎ ‎

‎Who invented the lyophilization process, named “drying in the cold”.
According to the interlocutor, the method of drying in the cold was developed several decades ago on the initiative of the US, the National Aeronautics and Space Research Board (NASA). It is in this way that various products for astronauts are preserved. In recent years, this method of preservation has become very popular and now prepares a large number of products and ingredients – berries, vegetables, even dairy or meat products. By the way, the latter products are dried in EU,‎‎ but according to special orders or for experimental purposes, so far from everything that is created reaches the mass consumer.‎

‎In dried goods, 98% of vitamins remain, no matter what product is lyophilized, the first step is to freeze it to – 80 °C. During the second stage, moisture is extracted from that frozen product under vacuum in a special apparatus called a lyophilizer. This phase can last from 1 to 3 days. ‎

‎During lyophilization, both the structure and colour and nutritional value of the product remain.‎

As Mr.Tautvydas explains, drying in this way removes steam from the ice, taking the water phase. This explains why both the structure, colour and nutritional value of the product remain during lyophilisation. Drying in the cold is considered the most effective method of preservation, since as many as 98% of vitamins remain in the product.‎

‎In a handful of light cubes – the norm of daily vegetables or fruits ‎

First of all, they are given time to needing people who want a full-fledged snack, since small cubes of vegetables, berries or fruits concentrate high nutritional value. Cubes are not only tasty, but also light, so they can be perfect for travelers, athletes.‎

‎”One bites jar contains many cubes, each of which contains a carrot, fruit or a handful of berries. This is really a great alternative for those who want to get the right daily intake of vegetables, fruits and berries. “It is also important that they are completely natural, without any additives”. BITES has received a gold medal as “Best Lithuanian product of the year”, recognized as the best Scandinavian snack, as Super Garden products are also sold in this region, as in Germany, France and other countries.

‎The popularity of Super Garden and other NE Bars products has been growing rapidly every year, and what has been this year marked by a global pandemic for the company? T Stukas says that the company he manages feels quite strongly, because he produces products with long shelf life, and online sales have also grown. “Of course, when there was a peak of quarantine, perhaps the employees of the store shelves first rushed to replenish the groats, pasta, maybe sometimes our products were not seen, but the general impression is that buyers bought both groats for mash and berries to eat them,” says the businessman. “So despite the global pandemic, our business has continued to expand, and we plan to double this year.

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