KETO bar with MCT oil Chocolate flavor, 50G


  • MCT OIL;
  • 200 KCAL;
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Burn fat for energy

One of the first KETO bars with MCT oil in Europe.

Short and clear ingredient list, nutritional values are suitable for keto diet – high fat and protein, low carbohydrates.

What is MCT oil?

MCT oil is made of medium – chain triglycerides most commonly found in coconut and palm oil. In KETO bar we use only 100% coconut derived MCT oil.

Why MCT oil is a valuable choice for KETO diet?

In digestion tract MCT is being absorbed directly to blood and sending straight to kidneys. Here MCT is transformed into ketones – fat waste product which is used by brain, heart and other organs.

MCT oil helps body to faster reach ketogenic state (fat burning process). Due to organism not being able to store MCT as a fat, this oil may contribute to a better weight management, increase stamina and improve physical power.

KETO bar:

  • High amounts of cacao butter;
  • 17% of protein;
  • Used rice and pea protein has 80% protein content and little carbohydrates;
  • 5g of MCT oil per bar;
  • Low net carbs;
  • No gluten;
  • Low sugar.
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Energy value (100g): 490 kcal, 2043kj | Energy value (50g) 245kcal/1022kj
Fat 31g of which saturated fatty 19g | (50g) 16g of which saturated fatty 9.5
Carbohydrates 12 g, ‎‎of which sugars 1.4g | (50g) 6g, ‎‎of which sugars 0.7g
Of witch polyols 2.9 g | (50g) 1.5 g
Protein 17 g | (50g) 8.5g
fibre 27 g | (50g) 14g
salt 0.03 g | (50g) 0.02g


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