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Non Guilty Pleasure Bites

A milk chocolate covered protein bar based on milk / whey protein. A soft nougat texture will remind you of your favorite intergalactic candy bar with strawberries. A revolutionary soft texture as if it was freshly baked. Nothing artificial, just pure pleasure. Low-Sugar, Guilt-Free!

A strong strawberry note and real strawberries inside will refresh your taste buds. A refreshing afternoon snack – perfect with a cup of coffee. Great way to satisfy your sweet tooth with little to no sugar and high protein dose.

Box contains 12 bars, each bar is 45 g. weight. Each bar has 2 g of sugar and 14 g protein of the Highest Quality*.

*rich In BCAA (Branched Chained Amino Acids, or if you like it shorter Big And Crazy Athletes Acronym) Why do you need it? More gain with less pain after training. Recover quickly, feel less tired and use your body fat for energy, not for it’s shape. But if you like it shorter: BCAA is good for you.

Gold Standard Milk Protein

We work with a leading whey/milk protein supplier in Denmark which are known for having the highest level of quality innovation and food safety. Our protein partner has a 45 scientific staff and 22 food dairy food technicians who work to develop a highest quality whey/milk proteins.

In proteins bars you will find the highest quality protein straight from Denmark. The quality of protein can be evaluated by DIAAS score – level of biological value, how much of consumed protein is digested.

Whey/milk protein is the industry gold standard, the highest protein quality and amino acid absorption by the body. It is not the protein number that counts but quality and source.

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